Based on some scheduling issues with the rooms on campus, I won't be able to do reviews this semester. Professor Noble stated she would do an online review session instead and you are encouraged to go through my review packets on your own. Full solution sets are available. 

I may also throw up some YouTube videos later in the week if I have time. Good luck and remember to take advantage of all the study materials Professors Velado and Noble give you - they want you to do well too!

Welcome To Stat119 Review

Stat119 Review was started when a student left their A+ Review packet at the Stat 119 midterm. To my surprise, when I flipped through the packet, I found that several pages of material were my own. A+ Review didn't even bother to retype my notes, they just inserted them as is. There were even pages of my solutions with MY handwriting on them. Since I don't want a company to make money off my work - especially work that I spent countless hours creating so that students could maximize their test scores in Stat 119 - I decided to offer my own review sessions.

Why use Stat 119 Review? Here are just a few of the reasons:
  • It's FREE! I do this completely out of the kindness of my heart and a desire to make sure A+ Review stops making money using my material.
  • I have years of test prep experience that I will make sure to convey during my reviews and in my material. More than how to do the problems, I'll make sure you know how to recognize problem types, how concepts are normally tested, and what common traps students fall prey to!
  • All review sessions are on campus.
  • My review material is posted freely on this site, both with and without solutions, so you can study on your own or take it with you to the tutoring lab.
And for those of you in the College of Business, I urge you to avoid using A Plus for any class. Their business practices are reprehensible and you shouldn't support them. 

For more about why you shouldn't support A Plus Review, you can read on here.