D+ Review

Just in case they decide to change their site again to correct the things listed below, I'll keep this page as evidence of me dumbing down to the dumbest possible degree and spoon feeding them how to properly develop a website for a business. And because I like the lightning cat at the end.

To set the record straight on the crap that A Plus Review has on their website:

"Around 50% to 60% of the Stats119 Nobel, Spoon, Velado and Denaro, etc. students get stuck with C's, D's, F's at the end of the semester."
  • Their figure about 50 to 60% of Stat119 students getting C's, D's and F's is actually true. But here's a more interesting statistic - 70 to 80% of students PASS the course with 40 to 50% getting A's and B's. Throwing the C's in with the failing grades is inflating that statistic by at least 30%. 
    • This is why you need to read statistics critically. If the values are not outright wrong, they can still be purposefully used in a misleading way. 
  • Additionally, around 15% of students stop attending class before or shortly after the first exam - they either signed up for Stat119 just to get their required math class so they could register or plan to use course forgiveness to retake the course later. That means that almost every student who wants to pass Stat119, passes Stat119.
"We show you strategy and short-cuts that they can not."
  • First off, a grammar lesson: I am physically and mentally capable of showing you anything they can. But seriously, what they're implying is that we are intentionally not showing you shortcuts and strategies. Bullsh*t.
    • Some TAs, there are only a few, choose not to use certain calculator shortcuts. It's a decision they made because they want you to be more connected to what you're doing.
    • This decision actually means you'll get more points on the exam and gives you less chance to make silly errors. 
    • I choose to teach some shortcuts and leave out others. In my experience, certain shortcuts were misused and resulted in more errors than the gained time-savings. A+ doesn't look over your exams and quizzes after the fact, they don't know if you're using those shortcuts properly - I do. Your instructor does.
"SDSU classes are graded on a Bell Curve."
  • Stat119 is NOT curved. Complete lie.
"Score in the top of the class this semester."

  • To say that their reviews won't help at all would be a lie, but studying for 7 hours will help almost anyone prepare. But they will NOT get you into the top of the class. To be at the top of the class, you need to be on top of the material as it's being covered, not cramming. 
  • Even more so, the way they teach the material actually keeps you from being in the top of the class. They are teaching you how to pass without really understanding the underlying concepts.
"On the campus, professors design the lectures and exams so that the average student receives a "C". Because our goal is for the A+ Review students to get "A's", we must go that extra mile to "perfectly explain" the material to you. Profs HOLD BACK certain info to generate the "C" average."
  • Another blatant lie. Professors don't hold back ANY information. And we aren't under any requirement or pressure to maintain a C. Obviously, we can't make the course so easy that everyone gets an A, but it's set up so that students who try in the course will do so without the need to pay some scumbag for 7 hours of additional instruction.
  • Your instructor, whether a professor or a TA, is rooting for you to do well. We want you to pass the course, if for no other reason that not having to teach you again next semester. (I'm kidding, but it's true!)
"...a Super Tutor who should be applauded... - San Diego News at Five"
  • Talk about quoting out of context! Here's the full quote: "Schrivener denies it all saying he is a "super tutor" who should be applauded not ridiculed." He's quoting himself being quoted in a local news story about how shady his business practices are! http://www.10news.com/education/7596049/detail.html

Would my page be more believable if I used 5 different fonts with various colors and CAPITALIZATION?! What if I had WOLVES on it? Wolves say power and test dominance... (Note: They've since removed the wolves that once graced the banner of their 'professional' website, but they live on in my heart.) Or some heavy metal or surfing pictures? I'm flabbergasted that a website like that exists beyond the geocities sites of my youth. That's a reference to my old age, just know it means it looks like a 10-year-old ADHD child made their website using Adobe Pagemill. Anyways, if that crap makes you happy, here's a badass cat. A Stat119-ass-kicking cat with lightning.