D+ Review Continued

The scariest thing about A Plus Review's Stats Review is that some of the things they are teaching you are wrong! Their shortcuts don't work properly and just require you to memorize something new at the last moment - a really DUMB idea.
  • Take, for example, the shortcut they teach for Exam 1 to find the location of Q1: .25(n+1) - I saw students doing this for years incorrectly and finally saw it on a document from A Plus with Mike's handwriting, now I know where they were getting it.
    • Your TA already gave you a shortcut for finding Q1 - if you're in my class, I gave you three and told you to pick the one you thought made the most sense - memorizing a new shortcut days before the exam is, to use their favorite term, DUMB.
    • This one is even worse, you'd have to memorize on top of this that .25 and .5 as answers mean average the two terms, .75 means round up, .0 means use that number. This shortcut is actually causing you more work!
  • How about their method for tree diagrams? While it's not incorrect, it's guaranteed not to net you full points on the exam since they exclude the probability notation. Still think he's helping you out with his DUMB shortcuts?

Don't fall for a company retyping your lecture notes and redoing those problems for you. Look back at your Exam 1 notes - hopefully that putting distance question seemed familiar - it's identical to the one in your lecture notes!

A Plus Review sent a girl to my office hours today (4/23/12). A delightful encounter. She came in and sat down, without me inviting her in or offering her a seat. Then proceeded to say that a student mentioned that I was upset with A Plus Review and she was there to find out why.

Which is bullshit since I know they've read my website and clearly know why I'm 'upset' with them.

I decided telling her to get out wasn't going to accomplish anything and I was curious what their play was here.

So I proceeded to tell her that A Plus stole my review notes and even a page of worked examples with my handwriting and put them in their review notes. She said that she "had no idea how that happened" because they "get all their notes out of the book."

Now, I have no idea what book she was referring to, but I've seen their notes - they are a combination of Helen's lecture notes, Helen's review notes, my review notes, and assorted other examples - which I assume are mostly taken from other TA's quizzes or past midterms, or perhaps found online. Of their material, I estimate that less than 10% is stuff they've actually developed or written on their own. I know over half of it is Helen's and mine.

And then she left because it was clear that I had nothing else to tell her and she apparently was only sent to see if I was dumb enough to think that my notes accidentally made it into MULTIPLE packets of the A+ Review's notes.

Based on the encounter, I come to a few possible conclusions, I've listed them in what I consider to be decreasing level of likelihood:

1. They really do think that I'm an idiot and will think, "Oh gosh, they had NO idea they took my notes! Some sort of review note elf must have slipped my notes in with theirs during the copying phase and no one noticed the mistake." The page with my handwriting was photocopied with Mike's handwriting as well as mine. So, he clearly added a few bubbles to my notes to make them look less like stolen notes. There is no way this plan succeeds. And more hilariously, it backfires because I'm even more pissed now and pretty confident I'll tackle Math120 next semester and then possibly move onto Econ101/102.

2. This was just an attempt to size me up. OK. What did you learn, A Plus? Did Sarah go back and tell you that I'm plenty angry? I mean, the fact that I threw up a more legitimate website in 2 days than you've managed to in 15 years should have told you everything you needed to know. I'm plenty motivated to make sure Stats 119 comes off the list of classes you do reviews for and I'm competent enough to pull it off.

3. Perhaps this was an attempt to appease me. They assumed sending in some girl with loose ties to apologize would make me stop my war. Apologizing without admitting fault - even worse, to deny fault - is not apologizing. And is this girl the one who needs to be apologizing? If you really wanted to apologize, you have a website to do it from - a much more public way - and that apology should come from the person who actually is at fault with an admission of wrong-doing. But at this point, you've burned the apology bridge. I plan to keep my reviews and site online as long as they are relevant to the material taught at SDSU. I plan to add videos and make sure that no student has a reason to pay for something they should have for free.

I'm not the only one who thinks A+ has a laughable website and slogan: http://www.autoadmit.com/thread.php?thread_id=1230576&forum_id=2

Even funnier that he apparently also helped one of the clients in his testimonials from A+ Review (the one torn apart in the above link) sell a house from one of his countless real estate companies:
"Michael Scrivener and his crew helped sell my home for $1,575,000 in less than a ... Russ Bolin, Atty " -Fine and Coastal Real Estate - www.fineandcoastal.com

Such a small world, helping people with reviews one year and then selling their houses the next...

And why does he always need to emphasize that it's baked pizza? How else do you make pizza?!